Dear Friends,

I am so glad you stopped by to view my site. :)  Being a writer all my life, I am now on the journey of realizing my passion into a solid, touchable reality.  I have many works in progress on the writing front that encompass fiction and non-fiction.  I also have a passion for people and I do what I can to make this world a better place while helping others reach the next level in their journey called life.

I have several projects written down while others are floating in my head waiting for their chance to be put to paper.  I am working on a couple of fiction novels and several non-fiction works, one is my Dad's, Peter J. Corino, story that will be written in honor of him.  I also have his short stories he wrote in the years before he passed in 2016 that I plan on publishing for him.  I will add my portions to it and we will share the co-authorship of each of his books.

Another one of these works in progress is this website, my growing wordsmith company, and soon  a podcast or Vlog.  I am ever tweaking my site to provide the best possible enjoyment for all who visit here.  If you like my site, please sign up for regular updates on my writing endeavors.

Sincerely, Peggy