The Many Faces of P

Wordsmith - Words are my thing

I offer services in all things written.  PAC Wordsmith offers website designs, content writing, blogging, ghost writing, logos, business cards, writing reviews, white paper services, and all other things on or about the written word.  Prices vary from service to service.  Shoot me an email and we can chat about what you need from me to write the Words that make your Vision come to Life!

Fiction / Non-Fiction - Writer Musings

My fiction work is a fun escape for me.  I intend on having the first draft finished within the next year.  I have a passion for people and that passion has me working on many non-fiction works that will help people on a daily basis become the best version they can be while journeying to the next level of their life.  I love to write stories about my family and my dog (many of my social media sites feature my dog, Ragonk or my family).